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New School Year Mass 

To welcome us back to the new school year, we will be hosting a Whole School Mass at the Church of Christ the King on Wednesday 20th September

The Mass will begin at 2pm so we recommend arriving slightly before this to be seated. 

We hope all our families will be able to join us for this celebration of what we are sure will be a fantastic year ahead. 

Club Cancellations 

Please be aware that there will be NO CHILL TIME KLUB on Thursday 21st or Friday 22nd September due to Year 3/4 Camp. If you have already booked these sessions, they have now been cancelled and refunded to your child's School Gateway Account. 

Flu Immunisation 

In the coming months, the School Nurse Team will be coming into school to administer Flu Immunisations to pupils in Reception - Year 6 ready for the winter months. 

If you would like your child to receive their Flu Immunisation, please click the link below to provide consent 

We have not been provided with the official date of the immunisations yet, but will update parents as soon as this information is available. 

Breakfast Club 

As you will be aware, we run a Breakfast Club every day which is open from 8.00am. We would like to remind parents that breakfast service finishes at 8.20am and children arriving after this time will miss the opportunity to eat. 

Please can we also remind parents that Breakfast Club sessions need to be booked in advance. Sessions can be booked through the School Gateway App (this is the preferred method) or via the school office. 

After School Clubs 

We are still working on our final list of after school clubs, however we can now offer the following updates: 

Monday - Friday - Mini Chill Time Klub - 3.20 - 4.00pm - £2.00 per session 

Chill Time Klub - 3.20 - 4.30pm - £3.50 per session

Monday - Key Stage 2 Choir  - 3.20 - 4.00pm 

Tuesday - Key Stage 2 Art Club - 3.20 - 4.00pm 

  Key Stage 1 Ball Skills - 3.20 - 4.00pm 

Wednesday - Key Stage 2 Tag Rugby  - 3.20-4.00pm 

We will update you next week with clubs that will be running on a Thursday and Friday. 

Please be reminded that all clubs, with the exception of Chill Time, are offered free of charge however they MUST be booked in advance. 

On site behaviour 

Please can we politely remind parents that whilst on school site, we are all role models for our children, so it's important that we conduct ourselves as such. We would like to kindly ask that you be mindful of other parents and children when visiting the school: 

Children learn by example, so please help us in setting the best possible example for all of our pupils. 



We had some great attendance in Term 6, and children who had achieved 100% attendance for the whole school year were presented with their rewards during our last assembly of the school year. Children who reached other attendance milestones in Term 6 will be coming home with their prizes next week. 

Attendance rewards will start from scratch this school year, so let's hope we can get some more names on that final list by Term 6!! 

Thank you to our parents and carers who work hard with us to ensure their children are here on time, every day. 


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Head Teachers awards have been rolled over from last week as their was no celebration assembly on Monday. 

If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 

Year 1 

 Whole Class  - For a fantastic sports day!  We are so proud of you all for taking part and doing your best.

                Mia W - For making a really good start to year 1 and becoming the third Mia in our class!

Year 2 

  Tari - For wonderful presentation in her English book. She is setting a very high standard for the class - well done!       

Year 3 

 Zuzanna- For her brilliant progress in estimating numbers on a number line in maths. Well done, Zuzanna!

Lilanna - For her excellent use of scientific language when describing the function of different parts of a plant. Well done, Lilanna!

Year 4 

Harper L - For her ready to learn behaviour. Harper is always one of the first children to be ready and organised for her learning. Her attitude is fantastic- she puts 100% effort into everything she does. Great job! 

Year 5

Frazer, Brodie, Alfie and Rory - For their superb concentration in maths working with Mrs Fannin 

Year 6

 Daisy - For her excellent story opening, it was full of adjectives and adverbs to build a descriptive start 


Wider Community Events 

We now have a dedicated page to inform parents and families about the varius events and activities available within Knowle West and the wider community. 

If you are aware of any clubs, events or activities that may be of interest to our pupils and their families, please feel free to give the details to Miss Morse in the school office who will be happy to add them to the page.