⭐ inset day - 28th june 2024⭐

school news

Year 6 SATS 

We would like to say a huge WELL DONE to our amazing Year 6 pupils who have spent this week doing their SATs. 

They all made their way in extra early every day to share breakfast and to make sure they were as prepared as they could be. 

They have worked so hard in the lead up to this week, and have been incredibly resilient throughout. 

We could not be prouder of them for all they have achieved. 


As you know, we were recently visited by Ofsted. 

Their official report will be published on the Ofsted website next week and we will issue a separate newsletter to parents once this is available to share with you.

Slapped Cheek 

We have had a number of cases of Slapped Cheek Syndrome recently. 

It's hard to avoid the spread of slapped cheek, as once the rash appears, it is no longer contagious - so in most cases there is no need to keep a child off of school. 

Please see the link below for more details about the symptoms of Slapped Cheek and how to treat is: 


Dropping off at Breakfast Club 

For many weeks now, we have included reminders in the newsletter about parking safely during pick-up and drop-off times. 

Please be aware that these parking conditions also apply during quieter times, such as Breakfast Club and Chill Time Klub. Parent's should not be using the zig-zag lines, or stopping in the middle of the road to let children 'jump out' of the car. 

This week we have seen a number of parents dropping off to Breakfast Club in this way, with one incident almost resulting in an accident. 

If parents are seen parking or driving irressponsibly, we now have no choice but to report licence plate details to our local policing team, who may choose to take action. 

Thank you for your ongoing support with this matter - we very much hope that this will have to be our final reminder. 


Changes to Penalty Notices 

As you may be aware, new guidance has been released around the issuing of penalty notices (fines) for children who have unatuhorised absences from school.

From August 2024, the fine for school absences will be £80 if paid within 21 days or £160 if paid within 28 days. This rate is inline with inflation and is the first increase since 2012. 

In the case of repeated fines, if a parent receives a second fine for the same child within any three-year period, this will be charged at the higher rate of £160. 

Fines per parent will be capped to two fines within any three-year period, however once this limit is reached, other action, such as a parenting order or prosecution will be considered. 

Thank you to parents for continuing to work with us to support attendance at CTK> 


Doors are open for children to come in to school from 8.40am and children should be in school ready for registration by 8.50am. 

Children arriving after this will recieve late mark and those who arrive after 9.20am will recieve an unauthorise mark for the morning session. 

Not only will lateness have a negative effect on their attendance, it can also impact their learning as they are often missing important information about the day's lessons. 

Breakfast Club is available to all pupils from 8.00am (charged at £1 per day for children R-Y6 and £3 for Nursery) and is a great way to ensure children are in school  on time, and ready for the school day. 


Half Term Events 

Do you have our school app yet? 

The School Gateway app is the best (and cheapest) way to stay in touch with us here at CTK. 

Not only can it be used to book children into clubs, it's also a great messaging service. 

Text messages, whilst useful, cost us a lot of money to send and we're sure you agree, we'd rather spend our budget on more resources and opportunities for our children.  So, going forward, we're going to utilise the app more, to avoid sending as many text messages. 

If you've not yet downloaded the app, you can find it on GooglePlay and the App Store under School Gateway. Here's a handy guide to get you started....


Without the app, you might miss important information going forward, so we strongly encourage all parents to sign up - it's completely free and a great way to stay in touch!! 


Click the buttons below for up to date information about various areas of school life...


If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 



Honey - for carefully planning what she was going to make before creatively constructing a superb house out of recyclable materials! 

Tanya - for her brilliant portrait of Bishop Bosco.

Year 1

 Serenity - for her enthusiasm in our dance warm-up.  It’s always a pleasure to see her happy face and how that has a positive impact on the other children in class. 

Year 2

 Ivy, Bonnie and Tari - for their fantastic independent onomatopoeia words - great job! 

Year 3

Kiki and Phoebe - for their creative and imaginative sculptures inspired by John Hoyland’s work at the RWA. 

Elsie - for her thoughtful interpretation of a Pentecost hymn. 

Year 4

Bella, Chloe, Frankie, Harper L, Harper G, Lily R, Lily B, Lyla, Megan, Mouhammad, Phoebe, Rocco, Rose - for achieving their 25 meters in swimming! 

Year 5

Liliana - for her verb choice in her standfirst and her well-thought-through opening paragraph 

Year 6 

All of Year 6 - for all their hard work with their SATs this week 

Here is a reminder of last week's wonderful winners...