inset day - friday 28th june 2024 

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Parking - Important Notice 

Please can we once again remind parents to be mindful of their parking when dropping off and collecting their children. 

Under no circumstances should parents be parking on the zig-zag lines, and luckily, thanks to the new bollards that were installed over the summer, we have had a reduction in instances of this. We have however had a number of parents pulling up on to the pavement directly infront of school as children jump out of the car. We cannot emphasise enough how dangerous this is, not just for our children, but for staff who operate the School Crossing Patrol and other road users. 

If you are seen using the zig-zags/pavement as a drop off area, you will be politely asked to move. In severe circumstances where this becomes an ongoing issue, license plate details may be handed to our local police team. 

Please help us to keep our pupils and school community safe by using the available parking on Filwood Broadway and walking your child round to school.  

Nursery and Reception Maths Drop-In 

In your child's book bag this week, you should have received an information leaflet explaining how to support your children with understanding number facts. 

Including maths in every day life is massively beneficial to your child's understanding and will support their ongoing love of the subject. 

With this in mind, we would like to invite parents and carers into school on Tuesday 30th January at 2.45pm to look at the resources we use at school and see what sort of activities we teach. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Year 5/6 Football 

The final week of Y5/6 football was a great success with 1 draw and 3 big wins! The boys supported eachother throughout and represented CTK with pride. Well done to all of the boys who have taken part over the last 3 weeks.

In two weeks time, the Y3/4s will have their opportunity to take part in some local tournaments. 

Year 1 & 2 Libary Visit 

On Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 visited Filwood Library for a special theatre workshop from the Tidal Tales Collective. The performance included interactive story games and songs exploring hibernating animals and how the children can support them and their habitats. 



If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 


Jagoda - For her super work linked to The Gingerbread Man. 

Year 1

Jean - For his fantastic story innovation.


 Antoni -  For his work in our RE lesson when we were discussing the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and thinking of adjectives to describe his character.

Year 2

Tarri - for her amazing independent non-chronological report writing - such fantastic vocabulary!

Vicky - for showing resilience in her writing. Your sentence structure has improved so much - keep it up!

Year 3

Momar - for his fantastic practice of his 8 times tables at home. Amazing independence, Momar!

            Gloria - for her brilliant block printing. She took care to create a beautiful repeated pattern. Well done, Gloria!

Year 4

Rocco - The improvement you have made with your handwriting is incredible! You are on your way  to earning that pen licence. 

Year 5

Ralf - for his great use of speech punctuation whilst showing character through speech 

Year 6 

Daisy - for her improved contributions in her comprehension group. Keep it up the good work! 

last week's winners...

In Monday's Celebration Assembly, last week's winners received their certificates from Mr Condon! Well Done...


As you may know, our School Mental Health Practitioner left us in December to start a new role. Whilst we wait for more 'in-house' support for our children and families, The Mental Health Support Team have provided us with some information for parents and carers so we can continue to support each others well-being. 

Click here to check out the new sign-posting tools on our Mental Health Support Pages



Doors are open for children to come in to school from 8.40am and children should be in school ready for registration by 8.50am. 

Children arriving after 9.00am will receive late mark and those who arrive after 9.20am will receive an unauthorised mark for the morning session. Multiple occurrences of lateness can have a negative effect on your child's overall attendance and in some cases may result in a penalty notice (fine). 

Breakfast Club is available to all pupils from 8.00am (charged at £1 per day for children R-Y6 and £3 for Nursery) and is a great way to ensure children are in school  on time, and ready for the school day. 


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