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Cultural Celebrations at CTK 

As you know, we are very lucky to have children and families from all around the world attending School of Christ the King. 

This means we have many languages, religions and cultures that we can share and celebrate. 

This month, we have two events that are important to members of our school community, and as such we will be sharing these events with our pupils holding special assemblies to celebrate them...

Polish Independance Day - 11th November 2023 

Polish National Independance Day is celebrated on the 11th of November and is remembered annually. It is a national holiday in Poland that commemorates that anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty. 

We will be celebrating Polish Independance day in school on Friday 10th November and parents are welcome to join us for a special assembly at 2.45pm

Diwali  - 12th November 2023 

Diwali is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. It is a festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over eveil and the human ability to overcome. Diwali is celebrated around the world by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists. 

We will be celebrating Diwali in school on Monday 12th November parents are welcome to join us for a special assembly at 2.45pm

If these is an event or celebration that is important in your families culture or religion and you would like us to add it to our celebrations throughout the school year, please do let us know. 

Harvest 2023 - Caring for Creation 

A reminder that  our Chaplaincy Team are organising a food bank collection for The Matthew Tree Project based at Filwood Broadway. 

All donations will be gratefully received and should be placed in the box in the main school reception. 

Collecting Children from School 

We would like to take this time to remind parents of timings for the end of the school day: 

Nursery: 3.05pm 

Reception - Year 6: 3.20pm 

Mini Chill/After School Clubs: 4.00pm 

Full Chill/Chill after Clubs: 4.30pm 

Please make sure that you are on time to collect your child at the end of their school day. Please let us know as soon as possible if you know you are going to be late to collect your child for any reason. 

Please can we also politely remind parents that if your child is in Nursery, Reception or Years 1, 2 & 3, that they must be collected from school by an adult. We cannot allow pupils to be collected by other children, or siblings from older year groups. 

Children in Years 4-6 are able to walk home from school alone as long as we have consent from parents. 

Please also be reminded that if there are any changes to who will be collecting your child from school, it's important that you let the school office or your child's class teacher know. Even if your child appears to know the adult, children will not be handed over withour prior notification and consent from parents. 

Thank you for your ongoing support in this matter. 

School Meals 

Next week, there will be a few changes to the usual school menu...

All week: Due to a national shortage, there will be no plain pasta option available. 

Tuesday 7th November: There will be no Macaroni Cheese available on this day. Instead the vegetarian option will be 'Vegetarian Chilli' 

Thursday 9th November: There will be a special 'Fireworks' themed menu. Please see below:

Children in Need 2023 

We will be celebrating Children in Need in school on Friday 17th November. 

Children are welcome to come into school wearing something spotty, in exchange for a donation. 

Lunch Time Supervisors 

We are currently looking for a temporary member of staff to join our School Meals Supervisory Assistant (SMSA) team. The role is 7.5 hours per week, worked between 12.00 - 1.30pm. 

If you are interested in applying for this role, please contact Miss Morse in the school office. 


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If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 


Carissa - for always trying her best, following her interests in new and creative ways

Year 1 

Arlo - for having a fantastic week and really trying hard to make the right choices. 

Year 2 

Daniella - for always being ready for school, working hard and being kind. 

Beau - for being super helpful and kind, every day.

Year 3

 Kaylum- for having a brilliant week! Kaylum has been focussed in all of his lessons and has made a great effort to improve his handwriting. Keep up the good work, Kaylum! 

 Year 4 

Matheo - for fantastic speaking and writing about cars

Year 5

Bobby - for his independent common multiples work 

Year 6

Gavin - for his thoughtful contributions about prayer - what it is and how it differs throughout the year - and excellently written in his RE books 


Holidays during term time - SATS WEEK 13th - 17th May 2024

As you are aware, we always request that families do not take time off for holidays during term time and this is especially important for children in Year 6 during SATs week. This year, SATs week will take place from Monday 13th May - Friday 17th May 2024. 

Guidance from the Department for Education states that children will only have the opportunity to retake their SATs tests if they have been absent due to exceptional circumstances - this does not include holidays. Please ensure holidays are not booked during this week. 


Parent Wellbeing Groups 

This term, Natalie began running courses for parents to give them the tools to support their children's mental health, as well as their own. These proved quite popular and we're happy to announce that Natalie will be running more parent courses during Term 2. 

For information on upcoming sessions - visit our Support for Parents page where you can find full details of the courses available and information on how to book. 


Filwood Hope 

Filwood Hope is a registered charity that supports the residents of Knowle West with a aariety of different issues. 

If you require support with completed paperwork - we highly recommend paying them a visit. 

Wider Community Events 

We now have a dedicated page to inform parents and families about the varius events and activities available within Knowle West and the wider community. 

If you are aware of any clubs, events or activities that may be of interest to our pupils and their families, please feel free to give the details to Miss Morse in the school office who will be happy to add them to the page.