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13th - 17th November 2023

This week we looked at the story 'Only One Me' for Anti-Bullying week. We read the story and discussed what each page meant and then the children painted their own unique fish.

if you'd like to watch at home-

We have continued our main story about spiders, and some of the children helped me to create a spider/insect table where they can explore pictures, artefacts and information books.

We have started making a Storymap with the children but will continue this next week as we have had several children off ill this week and we don't want them to miss out!

We have been mark- making with chalks on black paper, following on from looking at fireworks earlier this month. The children had to hold the chunky chalk and see if they could copy the patterns, or create their own.

Our Nursery Rhymes this week have been-

Hickory Dickory Dock


Incy Wincy Spider

We have had a lot of children with coughs this week, please encourage your child to cough into their elbow instead of their hands as this helps us in class

Notice- We have several items of uniform donated from previous classes,  they are all in good condition and we know it is often hard to find purple jumpers! If you are struggling to get uniform for your child, for whatever reason, and would like a purple jumper/cardigan, and/or a pair of trousers/skirt/tshirt/polo shirt please let me know. (on a first come first served basis) 

6th - 10th November 2023 

This week we made firework paintings with bright colour paint on black paper. The children enjoyed making the paint splats! 

Our Nursery Rhymes this week have been Jack and Jill. (where we discussed the words 'crown' meaning the top of their heads, and 'pail' meaning a bucket)


One Little Finger 

This week we have started our new book all about a spider who wants to live with a family. We have been learning the makaton signs for some of the key words in the book- ask your child to show you the sign for spider (and see if they can remember any others). 

We drew spiders and talked about the shape of their bodies, how many legs they have, and how they make webs. 

In our Music lessons Mrs Sofia has introduced the children to the metallophone which they have really enjoyed playing all week. We have also begun learning the songs for our Nativity play! 

Next week we will continue our story and will be doing lots of lovely activities linked to spiders.

It is also Anti-Bullying week across the school so we will do some Nursery appropriate activities too. 

There will be Odd Socks Day on Monday 13th if your child would like to take part and wear off socks on this day. 

If you have any queries or need help you can email me on 

See you next week, 

Miss Griffiths

30th October - 3rd November 2023

This week we have continued our story Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.   We made autumnal playdough, collected some leaves and used them to make leaf prints.  Next week we will begin a new book! 

We started learning about shapes and used a Shape Monster game to sort the shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle).

We have learned 2 Nursery rhymes this week-   5 little pumpkins and Down by the Spooky Bay  

These are below if you'd like to practise at home! 

We have also been learning about the weather- this week we have seen sun, rain. hail, cloud and lots of rainbows!  

We have been learning the Makaton symbols for weather too 

We had a great PE lesson in the hall playing Spot and Cat&Mouse. And we have been practising our music skills with the drums and shakers.

In RE in new topic is 'Called and Chosen' we have been thinking about the importance of our names and why we each have unique names. 

We have also looked at bonfire/firework safety ready for the weekend 

Polite reminder:

Children must bring a water bottle (ideally with their name on it) every day. 

Please see the other posts on TAPESTRY about Nursery Rhymes, Winter Uniform and coughs,  and Headlice 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

see you next week 

Miss Griffiths

16th - 20th October 2023

This week we have looked at the story Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn. 

If you'd like to look at the story at home- 

We collected more leaves and used them to do prints with paint in Autumnal colours . 

We have learned the song 'He's got the whole world in his hands' and we talked about all the things God has made and how we can look after them. 

We have been sorting objects by colour, practically and using the iPads.

Our Nursery Rhyme for this week was 'The Big Ship Sailed' - ask your child to sing it for you at home! 

The children have had music lessons with Mrs Sofia. The have practised making noises at different volumes and pitches, and using their bodies to make different sounds such as clapping, tapping, clicking and humming. 

They have all been practising taking their coats off starting with the sleeves first which helps when they need to put them on again. And they have learned a trick to put their coats on by themselves- please see videos above!

Next week- School is closed for Half Term holiday

We restart on Monday 30th of October. 

If your child is here full time, or in the afternoons please see the new menu attached. 

Have a lovely holiday and we will see you soon!

Miss Griffiths 

9th - 13th October 2023

This week we have looked at the story Leaf Man. We went on an autumnal walk to look for changes and collected some leaves.

Leaf Man is a story about a character made from leaves who blows away in the wind and sees lots of other creatures made from leaves.

If you want to see the story at home-

I’ve challenged the children to look for an interesting leaf over the weekend and bring it to Nursery on Monday!

We used the leaves for a leaf rubbing activity with wax crayons. The children really enjoyed seeing the leaf outlines appear as they rubbed the crayon over the top.

This week we have also used conkers for a painting activity. Everyone loved shaking the trays to make the conkers mix up the paints!


Please make sure your child has a coat and water bottle every day. We use the outside classroom every day, in all weathers.

Monday & Tuesday parents evenings- please contact the office to sign up for a slot if you haven’t already done so.

Half term holiday 21st-29th October.

Have a lovely weekend

See you on Monday!

Miss Griffiths