Wednesday 11th October 2023 

Dear parents and carers of children in Year 6,

Today, we have decided to put some strategies in place, in order to improve behavior in Year 6 during playtime and lunchtime. In recent weeks, a significant amount of time has been spent dealing with arguments, negative verbal comments and sometimes children getting hurt. In these cases, it is a minority of children involved - but a significant minority. This can result in children going home upset and I’m sure you will agree that we need to establish a period of calm, happy play which does not disrupt learning in the classroom.

To address this today, we have restricted Year 6 access from any areas where supervision is more difficult. We have also split the rest of the playground into two ‘Zones’. Half of the class will play in a designated zone at any one time. To ensure fairness, we will alternate zones daily and, at some point, change the mix of each group.

Children will still be able to play football, on their allocated days.

Hopefully, this is just a short term plan, which enables children to learn to play more happily with different children, being ready to learn when they come back into class.

Yours sincerely

Mr Condon