Speech and Language Support (CCHP)

At School of Christ the King we have an inhouse therapist who works with children with a High Level of Need - her name is: Abby Freeman

If you would like advice on Speech and Language you can also call the below number for some advice or speak with Mrs Jordan in school. 

Community Children's Health Partnership

Our speech and language therapists run a number of drop in and information sessions for parents and their children.

Advice Line: Our SAL advice line is available for parents every Wednesday between 9am and 12pm.

Please call - 07825 016 335

For information about drop-in sessions, please click on the link below; 

https://cchp.nhs.uk/cchp/explore-cchp/childrens-speech-language-therapy/services-bristol-south-gloucestershire/family#:~:text=Our%20Speech%20and%20Language%20 Advice,please%20call%2007825%20016%20335