⭐ inset day - 28th june 2024⭐

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Year 3 Museum and Art Gallery Visit 

On Wednesday, Year 3 had a brilliant visit to the RWA and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. During the morning they had a lovely time observing and sketching a collection of unusual and varied sculptures at the RWA. In the afternoon, they loved exploring Bristol Museum, seeing fossils they'd learnt about in science and even seeing a Bronze Age skeleton! A great day! 

Parking and Dropping Off 

It is with great disappointment we have to once again remind parents about inappropriate parking outside of the school. 

Despite numerous reminders, and a number of parents already receiving parking tickets, we still have parents parking on zig-zag lines, mounting kerbs, and stopping dangerously in the road. 

This is is an ongoing and serious concern, and we cannot stress enough how dangerous parking & stopping in this way is. 

There is ample space, both on Filwood Broadway and in the streets surrounding school, where parents can safely park and walk children in to school. 

Please be aware that should you be caught parking or stopping in a dangerous manner, your details may be passed to our local policing team. 

We hope that going forward, we will have to issue less of these reminders, and parents will continue to support us in keeping our children, and all pedestrians safe outside of our school. 

Ascention Mass 

This week we visited Christ the King Church for Ascention Mass. The mass was led by our wonderful CTK Chaplaincy Team. 

Parents and families are always welcome to join us at church for Mass, and we will let you know of the dates for our next massess as they are scheduled.

New Bishop Ordained at Clifton Cathedral

On Wednesday, some of our staff were invited to Clifton Cathedral for the ordination ceremony of our new Bishop. 

Bishop Bosco Macdonald is now the tenth Bishop of Clifton.  This is a very important role and means he is now entrusted with the care of all of the churches within our Diocese. 

We're sure you'll join us in welcoming him in to our CTK community, and sending him congratulations and best wishes for his new role.

Labelling Clothing 

Please can we remind parents and carers about the importance of labelling your child's uniform and belongings. We have recently had a number of lost/misplaced jumpers and cardigans at school and it is very difficult to reunite them with their owner if they are not named. 

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation with this matter. 


If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 



Ivy H - for making amazing progress in reading 

Naa - for being sensible and setting a good example to her classmates in PE

Year 1

Tillie, Jason, Chiazam and Siham - for their fantastic observational drawings of Jesus’ mother, Mary. 

Year 2

Luke C - for his excellent detail, when writing about the importance of the Easter story. 

Imogen - for your considered answers, when thinking about the Easter story.  

Year 3

Vinnie - for his thoughtful and careful sketching on our school trip to the RWA. It was lovely to see him enjoying himself. Well done, Vinnie! 

Year 4

Jenson, Damien, Rocco, Rose, Chloe, Tyron, Kamil, Maja and Dan - for scoring 25/25 in their Multiplication Check for 3 weeks in a row!! 

Year 5

Toby - For his great teamwork with year 3 helping them with their coding 

Year 6 

Kaye and Grace - for their excellent attitude, focus and behaviour in class recently - you are model students and going into SATs week with a very positive attitude


Community Fundraising

As you are probably aware, our community has recently had to deal with the devastating results of knife crime. Serious crimes like this are not something that anyone should have to deal with, but as a community, we have come together to push towards a better future for all who live here. 

With this in mind, local martial arts club Aftermath BJJ Knowle, have organised a 24 hour Jujitsu maraton to raise money for life-saving bleed kits in the community. 

Two of our pupils, Brody and Hendrix, attend the club regularly and will be taking part in the event. 

We hope you'll join us in cheering them on and wishing them all the best in their fundraising efforts. 

If you would like to donate to the cause, speak to Miss Stokes for more information, or visit the GoFundMe for the event at: https://gofund.me/73894a6c 

Half Term Events 



Doors are open for children to come in to school from 8.40am and children should be in school ready for registration by 8.50am. 

Children arriving after this will recieve late mark and those who arrive after 9.20am will recieve an unauthorise mark for the morning session. 

Not only will lateness have a negative effect on their attendance, it can also impact their learning as they are often missing important information about the day's lessons. 

Breakfast Club is available to all pupils from 8.00am (charged at £1 per day for children R-Y6 and £3 for Nursery) and is a great way to ensure children are in school  on time, and ready for the school day. 

Do you have our school app yet? 

The School Gateway app is the best (and cheapest) way to stay in touch with us here at CTK. 

Not only can it be used to book children into clubs, it's also a great messaging service. 

Text messages, whilst useful, cost us a lot of money to send and we're sure you agree, we'd rather spend our budget on more resources and opportunities for our children.  So, going forward, we're going to utilise the app more, to avoid sending as many text messages. 

If you've not yet downloaded the app, you can find it on GooglePlay and the App Store under School Gateway. Here's a handy guide to get you started....


Without the app, you might miss important information going forward, so we strongly encourage all parents to sign up - it's completely free and a great way to stay in touch!! 


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