inset day - friday 28th june 2024 

school news


Here at CTK, we're proud that the behaviour of our pupils is generally great

and we've had many visitors recently who have commented on how calm and

positive the environment is.

Unfortunately, there are occassions where we have to deal with challenging

behaviour, and we do this following our school behaviour policy, working

together with parents to resolve any issues.

As is expected, children will go home and discuss the day's events with

their parents, and in turn this often turns into conversations between parents

on the gates, and rumors travelling through the grapevine. We would like to

assure parents that behaviour and the safety of all of our children is the

utmost priority; should you have any concerns, we would like to ask that you

communicate these with us as apposed to other parents, or on social media,

so we can work out any problems as they arise.

Filwood Development

Our local area is currently undergoing some fantastic regeneration, and our pupils have been lucky enough to have been involved in the planning and design of the new play area at the top of Filwood Broadway. 

Next week we will be visited by architects from You and Me Architecture who are overseeing the next stage of development at Filwood Community Centre. They will be coming in for our end of week assembly, to discuss plans for the centre with the children, and gather ideas from the children around what they would like to see when the Centre is redeveloped. 

The assembly will take place on Friday 26th January at 2.30pm and parents and carers are welcome to join us to hear more about the ongoing developments. 

Theatre Performance 

Today, we were joined by M&M Theatrical Productions, who came to share with us a fantastic production of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

It was a wonderfully interactive show, full of music and comedy, and we're sure the children will share with you their favourite parts! 

Personal Belongings

Please could we politely remind parents and carers that children should not be bringing personal items and valuables to school with them. 

We have recently had a number of children bringing in items from home, that are not approraite for school. This not only causes disruption in classes, but can also lead to upset if these items are lost and broken. 

School cannot take responsibility for the loss or breakage of these items, so please remind children to leave them at home. 

Children in upper KS2 who walk home by themselves are welcome to bring in mobile phones, however these must be handed to the office during the day where they will be kept securely. 

Poppy Appeal Fundraising 

During November 2023, we sold items to raise money for the Royal British Leigion's Poppy Appeal. This week we received our certificate of appreciation to let us know how much we raised...


If your child has received a Head Teacher Award this week, you are welcome to join us for Celebration Assembly on Monday to help them celebrate as they are awarded their certificate. 

Please arrive at school at 2.40pm ready for assembly to start at 2.45pm. 


Lilliana - for being a good role model. She is always being polite and respectful towards others

Year 1

Ripley - for her enthusiasm, smiles and sheer enjoyment when dancing along to the performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ 

Year 2

Daniel and Muhammend - for their fantastic drawings of planes through time. 

Year 3

Reggie, Elsie and Emelia - for their brilliant monoprints of Mount Fuji. Beautiful work!

Mareme - for having a wonderful first week at CTK. Mareme has settled in well and made lots of new friends. Well done!

Year 4

Yordan - for showing resilience during the last few weeks. You are improving each and every day. We are so proud. 

Year 5

Summer - for growing in confidence and making great progress with her phonics work 

Year 6 

Tallulah - for the incredible amount of long multiplication and long division questions she completed in our recent arithmetic lesson - keep up the hard work! 



Doors are open for children to come in to school from 8.40am and children should be in school ready for registration by 8.50am. 

Children arriving after 9.00am will receive late mark and those who arrive after 9.20am will receive an unauthorised mark for the morning session. Multiple occurrences of lateness can have a negative effect on your child's overall attendance and in some cases may result in a penalty notice (fine). 

Breakfast Club is available to all pupils from 8.00am (charged at £1 per day for children R-Y6 and £3 for Nursery) and is a great way to ensure children are in school  on time, and ready for the school day. 


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