School Clubs

We offer a number of After School Clubs here at CTK. 

To support the rising cost of living, with the exception of Chill Time Klub, after school clubs are being offered as a free provision and will run from 3.20-4.00pm. 

Clubs should be booked using the School Gateway App by 12noon on the day of the club, however we do recommend booking for at least a full term so children gain the full benefit of the activities. 

If your child would like to attend Chill after their club, there is a reduced charge of £2 per session, your child can then stay until 4.30pm 

If you have any questions about our after school clubs, or are having difficulty booking, please contact the school office who will be happy to support you. 

chill time klub 

Chill Time Klub is available to all children from Nursery - Year 6. 

Running from 3.20 - 4.30pm every day, Chill provides children the opportunity for outdoor play, arts, crafts, role play and the chance to socialise with their friends in a relaxed environment. 

Children can attend the whole of a Chill Session at a cost of £3.50 per session (£5.00 for Nursery Children) or can stay to Mini Chill until 4.00pm at a cost of £2.00 per session (£3.50 for Nursery Children)

key stage 2 choir 

Our CTK Choir runs every Monday with Mr Condon & Mr Purser. 

Open to all children from Years 3-6, children will have the opportunity to sing their hearts out! 

Choir runs from 3.20pm - 4.00pm and is free of charge to all pupils. Children also have the opportunity to attend the final 30 minutes of Chill after this club at a charge of £2.00 



Ukulele club runs on a Tuesday lunch time and is available for all children in Years 3-6. 

If your child is interested in joining, please ask them to speak to Mr Condon or Miss Morse in the school office


Spanish club is available to all children in Year 1 & Year 2 and runs every Thursday lunch time. 

If your child would like to join, please speak to Mrs Jordan or Miss Morse in the school office