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Teacher Strikes 

As you may be aware there have been ballots regarding strike action by several of the education unions. As a result, the NEU will be holding 4 days of strike action on the 1st February and the 2nd, 15th and 16th of March. 

Striking is the right of every teacher who is part of a union and is a personal choice which we respect as a school. 

It is important to us that our pupils receive the highest standard of education and care and with this in mind we are assessing the numbers of our teachers who will not be in work, and what this will mean for us as a school on these days. 

We are currently reviewing plans to ensure that our school can operate normally and minimise disruptions - however if there are not enough staff to safely have students on site, we may undertake partial or full closure on strike days. 

Whilst we are currently unable to to provide further details until further information is obtained, we will of course update you on this as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time. 

Driving onto school site 

Following concerns raised by parents earlier in the week regarding vehicles accessing the school site during busy times of the day, we would like to remind members of the school community that they should not be driving onto the school site, using the lane, around the beginning or end of the school day. The lane is used by pupils to access school and as such has high footfall during these times. Cars trying to enter or exit the school this way during the start and end of the school day pose a huge safety risk to pupils, staff and parents. 

Thank you to those parents that bought this issue to our attention and continuing to support us to keep our children safe. 

Year 5/6 Boys Football 


Another enjoyable evening for the Year 5 and 6's at our inter-school football tournament. The boys not only played well on the pitch, they had a positive attitude throughout the matches, and most importantly enjoyed themselves! 

Well done to all the boys who participated, but a special mention to Reuben for scoring 5 goals, and to Oscar for getting his first ever goals for Christ the King!! 

Thank you to all the parents and carers that came, we look forward to next Thursday which will be our last week of the tournament. Wish us luck!! 


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headteacher awards


Zion - for showing amazing balancing skills during our PE lessons 

Mia J - for her wonderful English work linked to Beauty and The Beast

Year 1 

Kodi and Alex - For independently using their story map to retell our class story. 

Year 2 

Momar - for his fantastic understanding of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

Emelia - for an all round amazing week. You have been helpful, asked brilliant questions and have answered questions to the best of your ability. 

Year 3 

Lily B - For her fabulous retelling of ‘The Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads.’ She always tries her best in every piece of work. Very well done, Lily! 

Year 4 

 Ivan - for showing amazing improvements in his spelling scores and daily 10 times table scores. Ivan shows such determination to get higher scores and we are so proud of him for this. 

Year 5 

 Joey for his excellent use of facts in his ancient Egyptian essay to support his argument.  Great deep thinking! 


Year 6 

Laila - for her excellent progress in maths, she has been working really hard at improving her arithmetic and is now succeeding in short multiplication with ease. Keep it up!


Jaiden for his super descriptive writing when including a flashback into a piece of narrative writing. 



A huge congratulations to YEAR 1 who have achieved 99% attendance this week! This means they have earned themselves a non-uniform day next week!! Mrs Rowland will be in touch to confirm with parents which day this will be! 

This is a great achievement and we hope to see more high attendance figures like this accross the school soon! 

llness and Hygiene 

This week we have had many children absent from school with illness. There are lots of coughs, colds and sore throats going around and of course this is to be expected at this time of year. 

We would like to remind parents, carers and children about the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene to avoid the spread of germs, not only at school but at home too. 

We have also received advice, especially for those children who have been suffering from throat infections, or sickness bugs, that it is a good idea to change your child's toothbrush once they are well again. Germs can linger around on toothbrushes, and continuing to use the same one that's been in a child's mouth when they've been unwell, could well introduce those germs back into their system! 

A Big Thank You 

We would like to say a big thank you to those families who have been working really hard this term to improve their child's attendance. Your effort and commitment is very much appreciated at school, and is the best thing for your child in order for them to make the best progress. Keep up the good work!