Reception Spaces september 2023

The application deadline for Reception Class spaces for September 2023 is Sunday 15th January. 

If you, or someone you may know is interested in joining our Reception Class, please visit


Strep A Guidance and Information 

As you are aware, there has been an increase in cases of Strep A and Scarlet Fever. We understand that this has been a cause for concern for many parents and as a result, many children have been kept home from school as a safety precaution. 

We have now been send guidance by the UK Health and Security Agency, to share with parents, that should help you to understand the illness and make an informed decision on whether your child is well enough to attend school. 

Please click the button below to view the guidance. 

Illness Guidance 

As is usual this time of year, we have had lots of children absent with common winter illnesses. Children are usually able to attend school with coughs and colds, however if you are ever unsure of whether or not your child is well enough to come in, the following guidance from the NHS is a very helpful tool: 

Penalty Notices (Fines) & Term Time Holidays 

Unfortunately, during Term 1, we had to issue 4 Penalty Notices to families that took holidays during term time. This is a disappointing amount, and we would like to remind parents that  children should not be taking holidays during term time. 

If you need to take your child out of school during the term, it is essential that you complete a leave of absence request form to inform us of this. Holidays will not be authorised and will result in a penalty notice  - this is a fine of £60 per child/per parent. 

New guidance from the Education Welfare Service also states that families that take holidays consistently each year, will bypass penalty notice procedures and be referred directly for prosecution. 

Absences for other reasons will be looked at on a case by case basis and authorisation will be dependent on your child's current attendance and attendance from previous years. Unless absences are for an exceptional circumstance, it is likely that they will also be unauthorised which means you may also be at risk for a penalty notice.  Please be aware that we may ask for evidence of exceptional circumstances. 

Also, from now on, if we have reason to believe that your child’s reason for absence is not legitimate (for example you have told us your child is ill, but we have been advised you are actually on holiday), we will investigate this. This may mean that home visits are carried out during the absence period to establish your child’s whereabouts.

school news 

School Photographs 

If you have not yet returned your school photographs, Monday 12th December will be the FINAL DEADLINE to get them back to us if you would like the prints returned to you before we break up for the Christmas holidays. 

After School Clubs - Friday 16th December 

Please be aware that there will be NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS (INCLUDING CHILL TIME) on Friday 16th December. This is our last day of term before the Christmas break and all children will need to be collected at the end of the school day at 3.15pm 

Football News 

The Year 5/6 mixed football team had a great evening of football at South Bristol last night. The girls and boys played in good spirit, scored lots of goals and showed superb teamwork. 

Thank you to all of our supporters, who braved the cold weather to cheer on the team! We are all extremely proud of the team.   

The games were organised by Perry Court, in preparation for the competitive games that start in the New Year for Year 5/6 boys, 3/4 boys and all girls. 

Football club will be starting in the New Year so keep an eye out for the start date. If you would like to be involved in the games, you will need to attend football club! 

Your Holiday Hub 

Children and young people who are eligible for free school meals will once again be able to access free holiday activities and nutritious meals this winter break.

With over 180 activities to choose from this holiday, including festive arts and crafts, cooking workshops and even Ninja Warrior, eligible families are encouraged to find out what’s on this winter through the Your Holiday Hub website. Children and young people aged four to 16 who are eligible, and in-receipt of free school meals can access Your Holiday Hub for free.

Eligible children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) or an education, health and care plan are welcome at YHH. Families can contact the organisation or session they would like to attend to discuss their child’s individual needs.


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headteacher awards


Stan -  For great concentration in phonics and being enthusiastic to learn and practise his sounds. 

Year 1 

Daisy - For trying really hard to come into school each morning with a smile on her face. 

Year 2 

Kiki & Vicka - For their amazing independence when sewing their Christmas stockings - great job! 

Year 3 

Megan- for her wonderful descriptive writing using her senses. Excellent progress, Megan!

Harper G- for her focus and determination in maths. Harper managed to do 3-digit inverse calculations! Fabulous work, Harper! 

Year 4 

Rubie - for showing perseverance when responding to feedback in maths and english this week. This resulted in improving her writing and work on her 3,6 and 9 times tables. I am really impressed with your positive attitude and motivation to be the best that you can be! 

Year 5 

Ellis - for his deep thinking making a connection between the part whole model and gaps in the perimeter of compound rectangular shapes. 

Year 6 

Jaiden - for always being a kind and caring friend to those in his class who need a helping hand! 



There's so much going on in Knowle West! 

The Knowle West Alliance and Knowle West Media Centre, along with many other charities and business, work together within our community to make it a inclusive and inviting place to be. 

If you are interested in the events going on in our community, click the image below to visit the Knowle West Community Website.