A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Prichard on the birth of his son Vinnie, who was born on the 3rd of October -  A welcome addition to the CTK family 


Unfortunately none of our classes have achieved 100% attendance this week. 

Remember, classes that get 100% attendance will be rewarded with a non-uniform day. 

Let's keep working together to raise attendance in Term 2. 

Please remember to report your child's absence by 9am. 

You can use our dedicated absence line (0117 966 4844) to report your child as absent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If we do not hear from you, and your child does not attend school, this will be considered a safeguarding concern. We will contact all available contacts and if we still cannot establish a reason for absence, our Attendance Team will conduct a home visit. 



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school news 


Today we have said goodbye to Mrs Horsman who has been a valued TA at Christ the King for 15 years. We are very sad to see her go, but she is off to start a new adventure and we wish her all the best for the future! 

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches 

If your child is bringing a mobile phone to school with them, please remind them that it must be handed to the school office, or their class teacher for safe keeping during the school day. This also includes smart watches. Whilst we understand that children may like to wear a watch to school, and smart watches can be helpful to parents who wish to track their child if they are walking to/from school, they can be disruptive to lessons throughout the school day. With this in mind, we also ask that children hand smart watches in to the office or their teacher. 

Emergency Contact Details 

If you, or one of your child’s listed emergency contacts, have a change of telephone number, it is ESSENTIAL that you contact us to let us know. Without correct contact information, you will not only be missing out on important school information, but we will also not be able to reach you if there is an emergency at school. 

Breakfast Club 

Please be reminded that children MUST be booked into Breakfast Club sessions. This week we have had a number of children arrive without having made a booking. Children will never be turned away from, however the session will be added to your School Gateway account and you will be charged for the day. 

Children can be booked in for Breakfast right up until 7.45am on the day of the club. 

If you are having difficulty using School Gateway to book clubs, please speak to Miss Morse in the school office who will be happy to help you. 

School Library 

This week we were visited by local author, and friend of the school, Karen George. Karen presented books to those children who completed the Bristol Libraries Summer Reading Challenge, and also generously donated over 200 books to our own school library. 

After half term every pupil will be able to borrow a story book to read at home from our new school collection and Key Stage 2 library. 

A big thank you to our new Year 6 librarians who have worked tirelessly stamping and sorting books ready for us all to share. 

Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening will be held on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd November, from 3:30pm - 5:50pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear how well your child is getting on at school. Please contact the school office to book your appointment. If you book an appointment but are then unable to attend, please contact us to rearrange. 

Secondary School Admissions 

A reminder that the deadline to apply for your child’s Year 7 place is Monday 31st October. 

You can apply for school places at 

PE Kit

We have a number of children that are not wearing the correct PE kit. Please refer to our school website for our uniform guidance:

Parent Helpers for School Trips

We would like to create a small team of parents who are available to help out with school trips. We would offer some simple training and a full DBS check would be required to ensure safety. . Parent volunteers would not necessarily be on trips with their own child’s class but would have a great opportunity to support the school and our children. Please contact the school office if you are interested.

Holidays during Term Time 

Please be reminded that children should not be taking holidays during term time. 

If you need to take your child out of school during the term, it is essential that you complete a leave of absence request form to inform us of this. Holidays will not be authorised and will result in a penalty notice  - this is a fine of £60 per child/per parent. 

Absences for other reasons will be looked at on a case by case basis and authorisation will be dependent on your child's current attendance. Unless absences are for an exceptional circumstance, it is likely that they will also be unauthorised which means you may also be at risk for a penalty notice.  Please be aware that we may ask for evidence of exceptional circumstances. 

Snapchat Awareness

There have been a number of issues that have arisen over the last few weeks about snapchat groups and the messages children are sending each other despite users needing to be over 13 (they must submit a valid date of birth in order to set up an account).  The following links  contain lots of useful information about snapchat and how to support your children with it.  

Nasal Flu Vaccinations 

The School Nurse Team will be visiting school on Thursday 8th December to administer flu vaccinations to pupils in Reception-Year 6. If you would like your child to have the flu vaccine (which is given in the form of a nasal spray) please visit to give consent. 

headteacher awards 


 Teo and Melody - for independently saying the sounds and blending them to read the words in their books! 

Year 1 

Elliott - for ordering numbers in maths and displaying  a sense of pride for his achievements.

Year 2 

Kaylum - for reading everyday at home, to ensure that his reading  improves. Well done, Kaylum!

Evie - fantastic independent writing , using her toolkit 

Year 3 

Chloe - for being absorbed in her work this week. Chloe took great care to complete her maths work on adding and subtracting tens to a high standard. Well done!

            Lyla and Ryder- for being great team players in PE. They both set a fantastic example by being honest and mature. Well done! 

Lily-Rose - for her thoughtful and beautifully decorated prayer for Queen Elizabeth II. 

Year 4 

Filip - for his powerful acrostic poem written in RE linking to Laudato Si: A letter about caring for our common home by Pope Francis. 

Year 5 

Kalvin for his superb improvement in his spelling score!

Year 6 

Benji  - for some fantastic reading this term! Keep up the good work Benji!