Attendance and Punctuality

School starts promptly at 8.50am.

Leave of absence during term time

The school cannot authorise any leave of absence during term time, unless for exceptional circumstances. Any requests must be made in writing on a form available from the school office which must be made at least ten days before leave is due to commence. Following this, a meeting will be held with our Attendance Officer, to discuss the request for absence. Any leave taken that has not been considered exceptional will be recorded as unauthorised. There will be two unauthorised absences recorded for each day - morning and afternoon. If there are eight or more unauthorised absences recorded within a ten week period, the school can issue a penalty notice. This will be £60 per child for each parent, meaning a possible penalty charge of £120 per child.

We appreciate that holidays taken during term time can be much cheaper than those taken during the school holidays but we have a legal responsibility to ensure that every child is attending school and receiving their education.

Children should not be taken out of school on Mondays or Fridays for long weekends (unless there are exceptional circumstances and it has been agreed in advance).