Y1-3 Guidance


Dear Parents and Carers,

In preparation for a probable school closure, we are focusing on ensuring children have access to learning at home.

Children in Years 1, 2 and 3 will have access to ‘Home Learning Blogs’. These will be accessed via the school website (address at the top of this letter), under the drop down menu of ‘Home Learning’, followed by the year group. Alternatively, by typing these addresses into your browser:

  • Year 1 - ctky1.blogspot.com
  • Year 2 - ctky2.blogspot.com
  • Year 3 - ctkyr3.blogspot.com

You do not have to log on.

Teachers will be posting on these daily, with three activities that they would like the children in their class to complete at home. These will be a range of activities for the children to enjoy. The children will be able to reply, by commenting on the post under the ‘anonymous’ tab.

Each child will also be given a paper work pack to take home with a range of work to complete. Teachers will guide the children through their paperwork packs by posting which activity they would like them to complete on the Home Learning Blog.

Each class has an email which they can use to contact their teacher or if you, as parents or carers, have any queries or concerns, or share anything interesting that the children are doing at home.

The class emails to contact the class teachers are as followed:

  • year.3@ctk.education for Miss Kingscote
  • year.2@ctk.education for Mrs Triggs and Mrs Leaker
  • year.1@ctk.education for Mrs Rowland
  • LH.1@ctk.education for Mrs Meacham

These email addresses will also be posted at the top of the Home Learning Blogs.

Although this is a difficult time, we look forward to seeing what children are learning at home and staying in contact with you all.

M Condon