Year R Guidance


Dear Parents and Carers,

In preparation for a probable school closure, we are focusing on ensuring children have access to learning at home.

Parents of Reception children, please use the tapestry app to upload evidence of any home learning and fun activities your child completes. If you currently do not have the app, you can download it from the app store (Apple devices) and the Play Store (Android devices). Alternatively, go to

Miss Letherby will be posting on this app daily, with suggested activities that she would like the children to complete at home. These will be a range of activities for the children to enjoy. Parents can then evidence learning by uploading pictures, children’s comments and evidence of work completed.

Each child will also be given a paper work pack to take home with a range of work to complete over time. Miss Letherby will be available to guide children through their paperwork packs during normal school hours.

Reception class has an email address. If you, as parents or carers, have any queries or concerns, or wish to share anything interesting that the children are doing at home, you can make contact via the email below as well as through the tapestry app.


Miss Letherby will upload great examples of home learning onto the reception class blog which can be accessed on our school website or by following this link

Although this is a difficult time, we look forward to seeing what children are learning at home and staying in contact with you all.

Yours sincerely,

M Condon