Control it all with the Admin Console

The Admin Console that is provided with every Google Apps for Education domain offers an insight into the elegance and coherence of Google's strategic vision for its offerings in the education space.  Naturally, it allows the easy provisioning and management of users, the groups to which they belong, and the service to which they have access.

There's much more, though: the Admin Console allows fine-grained control, on a per-organisation basis, of the settings and permissions for all the services and devices associated with your domain.  In other words, it allows you to manage your Chromebooks and Android tablets right in the cloud: a real Hardware-as-a-Service approach which gives fantastic opportunities to personalise all aspects of the learning experience for your students.

The following screenshots give a very brief overview of the features of the Admin Console: for more information visit the documentation.

The Dashboard



The user profile surfaces important stats like number of Docs, email quota and last login at the top of the profile. From the user profile, you can quickly see which services are enabled, and you can edit the user’s profile information.

In the top right corner of this same page, you’ll see options for taking more actions on the user. Here’s what this menu looks like:


Left-to-right, these are: Reset password, Add user to group, Rename user, Change org. unit, Help and Settings.

When you click this link, you land on a page that shows a list of Groups in your domain.


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